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Discover Your Valuation

Unlock your potential and see how much your Name, Image, and Likeness are worth.

Financial Report

What does your valuation entail

Our valuation helps athletes understand the financial value of their name, image, and likeness. By analyzing online presence, engagement, and potential market value, we provide insights to maximize earning opportunities, enabling athletes to capitalize on their personal brand under new regulations.

Decoding Your Brand Power: The NIL Valuation Explained

NIL valuation estimates the earning potential of an athlete's Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) through endorsements, social media deals, and appearances. It considers factors like athletic success, social media following, and marketability.

How it works

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Step 1: Provide Your Information

Provide your basic information and social media profiles.

Share your essential details and social media profiles to help us assess your online presence and engagement levels. This information is crucial for tailoring your valuation report and identifying potential sponsorship and endorsement opportunities.

Step 2: Data Analysis

Our system analyzes your data to calculate your value.

Our system calculates an athlete's value by analysing their performance (goals, assists, etc.), marketability (sponsorships, social media), level of play (professional, amateur), age (potential and peak performance), and academics (scholarships).

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Step 3: Receive Your Prodisphere Rating & Valuation

Receive your valuation report and learn how to maximize it.

Access to our exclusive Brand Marketplace where you can take advantage of Sponsorship, Brand Deals, & Endorsements.


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Know Your Worth 

Understand the value of your personal brand.

Unlock Opportunities

Discover sponsorship and partnership possibilities.

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Maximize Earnings

 Learn strategies to increase your valuation.

Business Consultation

Be Among the First to Know Your Value!

Join hundreds of athletes who are already capitalizing on their brand. Don’t miss out on lucrative sponsorship deals and partnerships. Get your personalized valuation now and stay ahead of the game!

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